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Spiritual Resolutions
 December 27, 2009

People make new years resolutions based on three categories. These are LIFE matters dealing with the physical body; PROSPERITY matters dealing with control and power; and PEACE dealing with our spiritual and interpersonal relationships. Proverbs three shows us 10 spiritual resolutions we can set for our life. Sermon Notes in PDF here.


What Do You Do With Christmas
 December 20, 2009

Christmas is on the 25th of December, the question is what do you do with Christmas for the rest of the year? We can learn from those who were waiting on the Birth of the promised Christ of God. Learn the three things you can do to take Christmas with you throughout the year.Sermon Notes in PDF



The Gift Under the Tree
 December 13, 2009

It is the time of year when people are running around trying to figure out what to buy each other. What do you get someone who has everything? The wise men brought Jesus Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. It is exactly what his parents would need for the long trip to Egypt and back. Now, what do you get someone who deserves to get nothing. God had that dilemma but he was able to take care of it on Christmas. He sent his SON for our SALVATION so that we could have ETERNAL LIFE.  Want to know how it works, this message will help you understand.  Sermon Notes in PDF here.


 December 6, 2009

People have many fears and some of them are religious in nature. There are those who have a fear of SERMONS - Homilophobia. There is a fear that is real and dangerious, it is called Cristo-scopophobia or the fear of being seen or recognized as a Christian. they want to hide out or to be secret agents for God. Only problem is God does not have any secret agents. What is the solution. This message is designed to help you if this is your fear. Sermon Notes in PDF here.


The Advent of FAITH
 November 29, 2009

Faith to most people is either an abstract they do not understand or it is what they expect to need if something really big happens. The truth is faith is what the believer needs to live their life everyday. Discover what faith means to you every day and the hindrances to faith you will need to deal with if you are going to succeed.  Sermon Notes in PDF here.


Life Margins
 November 8, 2009

Our lives much like the pages of a book have margins. These margins are designated by God for our health and well being. What happens when we violate the directions given us by God and remove these life margins? How does it affect our Time, Money, Marriage, or physical well being, our relationship to God. This message will help you know what your life margins are and why they must be maintained. Sermon Notes in PDF here.


Always Looking up
November 1, 2009

What is God's agenda for your life? Scripture says  "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8.28 NASB Do we believe that all things, both good and bad work together for God's purposes? This message has answers to this message. Sermon Notes in PDF here.


The Perfect Recipe

October 25, 2009

Scripture contains a spiritual recipe for a successful Christian life. This recipe has eight ingredients that when applied to the life of the believer comes with the guarantee of success and safety. These eight will strengthen your relationship with God. They will make it so you will never fall, and you will have received a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom.

This is not an exotic list but God has given us everything we need to succeed. We do not have to wait you can begin applying the ingredients to your life today. You can add as much as you want there is no limit, and this a guaranteed recipe. Apply the ingredients and it will produce the promised results. PDF FILE HERE.


October 18, 2009

Urban legends come in many forms but they are all stories that seem believable and plausible. Like the alligators that live in the sewers of big cities, even though none have ever been caught. There are also Urban legends or should I say Church Legends about SIN that are believable and even plausible. This message looks at three of these Sin Legends in detail and mentions three more. You may be surprised to learn that you believer one or more of these Church Sin Legends yourself. PDF FILE HERE


Worship and Withered People
October 11, 2009

When people come together in worship before God it is so they can experience His presence.  People who come to experience God may also need to be healed physically, emotionally or spiritually. They have to get past the obstacles that stop them from getting the help that is needed. This message looks at an episode in the ministry of Jesus where he is faced with overcoming obstacles of religious people who were a hindrance to an individual who was a withered person. What to know how to overcome the obstacles this message is for you. PDF FILE HERE

The Opposite of WRONG
October 4, 2009

When are the righteous wrong, and the wrong righteous? Well the answer is more often than you might think. Jesus was confronted with the situation where the majority of the religious people were wrong and the one person who was wrong ended up being right. He had to navigate the waters of self-righteousness to get the point across, but he was able to do it. That allows us to evaluate our own lives and to make sure we are not righteous and wrong. PDF FILE HERE


The Loudest Secret in the World
September 27, 2009

What is the difference in a CHEAP FREE GIFT and an EXPENSIVE FREE GIFT. They both may be free, but one of them is worth a whole lot more than the other. People do not seem to understand the FREE GIFT of God Paul Spoke in his writings (Romans 6). Pastor Bob open the window and allows you to see the difference in the two gifts and why so many miss the expensive gift by accepting the cheap one instead. This is one of the greatest secrets in the world and a mystery unveiled.  Sermon Notes in PDF


Planning to Grow Spiritually
September 20, 2009

When an individual makes a commitment  to become a Christian they are not magically transformed into a perfect person. They still have to make changes and choices to how they will live their daily lives. Sometimes these changes and choices lead to difficult but beneficial outcomes. This message takes a look at the three key areas a person needs to consider as they ask the question, "Am I Growing Spiritually?" Sermon Notes in PDF


Making the Choice About Worry
Part one of two
September 6, 2009
Where Is Your Focus

This message ask the question that we all need to answer. Is our focus on the temporary or the permanent? This simple question can help you examine your life and why things are getting so out of focus. Sermon Notes in PDF


Making the Choice About Worry
Part two of two
September 13, 2009
Maintaining Your Focus

What can you do to keep from worrying, or how do you maintain your spiritual focus so that you do not lose sight of the important factors in your life? How is it possible to be obedient to the command of Jesus of "DO NOT WORRY?" This message points you toward a clear three part plan designed by Jesus that will keep you on the right track. Sermon Notes in PDF





August 2, 2009 Jonah Chapter one
"Storms from God"  Changing directions is never easy. Sometimes God has to send storms into our life to get us headed in the right directions. Learn how to know if such a storm is blowing in your life. Sermon Notes in PDF

August 9, 2009
Jonah Chapter two
"Crisis Prayers"
 When we are being corrected by God we need to evaluate why it was necessary. What does it take for the believer to be READY to SERVE after being out of God's will? What five areas of the believers life need to be examined so that they know for sure everything is right between the believer and God? This message will help answer these questions. Sermon Notes in PDF

August 16, 2009  Jonah Chapter three
"Sharing truth in a world of lies" What are the right and wrong reason we share our faith? How does sharing our faith with others strengthen our personal relationship with God? Sermon Notes in PDF

August 23, 2009  Jonah chapter 4
"The HEART of the matter" -  How does God view our lives? Take a look at the life of Jonah and the missed opportunities he had to enjoy the presence of God. Sermon Notes in PDF

August 30, 2009 The book of Jonah
"The FOUR warning signs of a failed life" - The contrast is clear in the Book of Jonah. There is the negative side of the prophet who does not want to follow directions. We can learn from Jonah about life and four signs of a failed spiritual life and the four keys to having a successful spiritual life.  The choices are clear and the message allows each one to set a life path based on one of the two choices. Sermon Notes in PDF


July 12, 2009
"What About the DASH"  the audio on this message start after about 18 seconds so be patient.
This message has a couple of places where video was used that only has music. The question 'What about the Dash?' deals with the time between when you were born and when you go to see your maker. This time is usually represented on a tomb stone with a DASH. Sermon Notes in PDF HERE

June 21, 2009
Maintaining your Spiritual Foundation  Sermon Notes in PDF HERE


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