The Bible Study and lessons are posted here in pdf format.
These can be printed and used at home or when you are out and want to catch up.

This quick series can be covered in three weeks or spread out over up to six weeks by dividing each lesson in half. Taking a look at what Jesus said about making decisions and applying them to our lives this series is designed to challenge the thinking of the individual on a daily basis.

Lesson One Personal Choices
Lesson Two Higher Standards
Lesson Three Daily Sturggles
BONUS Settling Matters


This updated study is designed to show the progression of change in the USA from a nation of established values and laws to a nation functioning without values and with ever changing laws. Understanding the different values used in the society by various groups helps to understand the different decisions and approaches each group takes. Pre-Modernism has a strong belief and reliance on GOD and His directions. Modernism has a strong belief system based not on God but on SCIENCE and KNOWLEDGE. The Post-Modernism society has a strong abstract belief system based on personal FEELINGS and personal SATISFACTION. This study shows the transition that has taken place and continues to take place in this society.

Study Slides BLANK and with ANSWERS

Week ONE: Introduction

Week One Slides
Week One Study Guide

Week TWO: Scripture Interprets Scripture

Week Two Slides
Week Two Study Guide

Week THREE: Nothing our of Context

Week Three Slides
Week Three Study Guides

Week FOUR: Easy Explains the Difficult
Note: The Study guide was originally on 11 X 17 paper.

Week Four Slides
Week Four Study Guides

Week FIVE: Jesus is BOSS!

Week Five Slides
Week Five Study Notes


The Book of Hebrews is filled with truth and depth of spiritual truth. It is often dissected into such small parts its overall purpose is lost. This study starts with the grand overview and a focus on its one key point. From there it will progress to looking at the various parts and teachings that make up the book. A key goal is to show how this book written to Jewish believers 30 years after the resurrection of Jesus can be applied to the lives of believers in the 21st Century. 

Book of Hebrews Overview Chart: This chart shows the flow of the book and the major themes. There is both a filled in chart and one that has blanks. It is in a large PDF file. It would need to be scaled to be printed.

There is no consistent or agreed on outline for the book. This is my chart and is based on the belief the book was written with one key purpose. The Jewish believers were starting to drift back toward Judaism and away from their relationship with Jesus. The writer of Hebrews set out to warn them of the danger of leaving Jesus. He does this by showing over and over that Jesus is superior to each of the key foundations of the Jewish faith system.

Modern believers need to be aware that their own cultural foundation can and is often allowed to slip into their belief system and relationship with Jesus. Many modern believers and churches are in danger of needing to heed the warnings issued to the Hebrews or find themselves outside of God's will. Hebrews should speak to us on an individual basis as well as to our local churches.

Click on the following links to download. The downloads will be available one wee following the posted date. Those in blue available now.

Hebrews Study 1 Hebrews 1.1-1.4 Jesus is Superior to Creation

Hebrews Study 2 Hebrews 1.4-2.18 Jesus is Superior to Angles

Hebrews Study 3 Hebrews 3.1-4.3 Jesus is Superior to Moses

Hebrews Study 4 Hebrews 4.4-7.28 Jesus is Superior to Priest

Hebrews Study 5  Hebrews 8.1-10.31 Jesus is Superior to Old Covenant

Hebrews Study 6 Hebrews 10.32-12.11 Endurance & Faith in Jesus

Hebrews Study 7 Hebrews 12.12-13.25 Acceptable Service to Jesus & Salutation


An excellent book to go with this series is Rick Stedman's "Praying the Armor of God."
Steadman's book has added insights and well written prayers to go along with the study guides I have put together for individual or group study.

Introduction to the Armor of God - Study Guide

The Armor of God - The Belt of TRUTH

The Armor of God - The Breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS

The Armor of God - Shoes of the GOOD NEWS of Peace

The Armor of God - The Shield of FAITH

The Armor of God - The Helmet of SALVATION

The Armor of God - The Sword of the Spirit (WORD OF GOD)

The Armor of God - Praying in the Spirit (PRAYER)






These Study Guides will be added each week in 2017 January through May.
The introduction is designed to give general information along with the assignment to read through the entire book of Mark in as few settings as possible. If this is done in one reading it will take approximately two hours. Then each week each chapter should be read and the questions answered.






Book of Mark INTRODUCTION study Guide



Book of Mark CHAPTER ONE - Part A The Introduction and Prologue: Mark 1.1-13 PDF

     Mark 1.1-13 - VIDEO

     Mark 1.1-13 - AUDIO

Book of Mark CHAPTER ONE - Part B Jesus Ministry Begins: Mark 1.14-45  PDF 

     Mark 1.14-45 - VIDEO

     Mark 1.14-45 - AUDIO

Book of Mark 2.1 Thru 3.6 Conflict in Galilee PDF Study Guide

      Mark 2.1 thru 3.6 Conflict in Galilee VIDEO

      Mark 2.1 thru 3.6 Conflict in Galilee AUDIO

Book of Mark 3.7-35 Accusations against Jesus PDF Study Guide

      Mark 3.7-35 False charges AUDIO

      Mark 3.7-35 False Charges VIDEO

Book of Mark 4.1-41 Kingdom ABC's PDF Study Guide

     Mark 4.1-41 The Kingdom Mystery AUDIO

     Mark 4.1-41 The Kingdom Mystery VIDEO

Book of Mark 5.1-43 Lord of all PDF Study Guide

     Book of Mark 5.1-43 Lord of All - AUDIO

     Book of Mark 5.1-43 Lord of All - VIDEO

Book of Mark 6 Following Directions PDF Study Guide

Book of Mark 7 Contrasting Attitudes PDF Study Guide

      Book of Mark chapters 6 & 7 Mission and Ministry -AUDIO

      Book of Mark chapters 6 & 7 Mission and Ministry - VIDEO

Book of Mark 8 Changing Directions PDF Study Guide

Book of Mark 9 Who Is Jesus PDF Study Guide

Book of Mark 10 Committed Lives PDF Study Guide

Book of Mark 11 Focused on Mission PDF Study Guide

Book of Mark 12 Oh, By The Way PDF Study Guide

Book of Mark 13 The Temple Prophecy PDF Study Guide

Book of Mark 14 Last Things PDF Study Guide

Book of Mark 15 & 16 Mission Accomplished PDF Study Guide


The following study guide was developed to show the changing society and to help the believer understand many of the changes that are happening and being forced on the church. It is designed to be used as a discussion guide. The three world views are outlined in an overview of each one. These are also compared to the generational changes that have occurred since 1900 through the current generation Z or generation 'zombie' in honor of one of their favorite shows the Walking Dead.

Pre-Modernism Modernism Post-Modernism Study Guide




Morals and Ethics 1 of 3-  PERSONAL CHOICES

Morals and Ethics 2 of 3 - HIGHER STANDARDS

Morals and Ethics 3 of 3 - DAILY STRUGGLE

Morals and Ethics - Settling Matters quickly - Additional Study

Miscellaneous Bible Studies

The Following are weekly studies that are not part of a series.


Views of Faith From Matthew 8

The Theology of Sin

Contentment and the Believer

Christmas - Exactness of Jesus' Birth



You will need a copy of the book 'Last to Leave.' These are available at the church or online at

Lesson PLAN Guide Weekly reading plan for Wednesday lessons linked to the following study guides.

Lesson ONE :Who goes first at the end of time & The Daniel 24 prophecy

Lesson ONE Follow-up study sheet: Where was Jesus between his death and resurrection?

Lesson TWO: Rules of intrepretation & Understanding the 3 Heavens

Lesson TWO Work Sheet on Isaiah 13 & 14

Lesson THREE: The antichrists & When was the gospel preached to the whole world.

Lesson FOUR: Overview of Matthew 24 & 25

Study Guide for Matthew 24 & 25

Lesson FIVE: Overview of the book of Revelation

Lesson SIX: Review sheet and Questions





This study focuses on the overview of Second Corinthians. The messages that complement this series are available in the media section.

INTRODUCTION: The Ministry of the Believer 

The TWO Covenants: 2 Corinthians Chapter Three

Living For Christ: 2 Corinthians Chapter Five

Thorny Issues: 2 Corinthians Chapter Twelve

Restoring Truth: 2 Corinthians Chapter Two

April - May 2015

This Study focuses on the problems in the Church at Corinth. The series is a complementary series to the one on Sunday Mornings dealing with spiritual growth and the development of the believer. The Sunday morning message are about the High Road and the Wednesday lessons are about the Low Road. They are designed to give the believer a complete view of the book of 1st Corinthians.


Introduction to 1st Corinthians Study

Problem One - 1 Corinthians 1.10 thru 4.21 Division over church leadership.

Problem Two - 1 Corinthians 5.1-13 Sexual immorality tolerated in the Church.

Problem Three - 1 Corinthians 6.1-20 Church Members suing each other in secular court.

Problem Four - 1 Corinthians 7.1-39 Understand Marriage and sex as a believer.

Problem Five - 1 Corinthians 8.1-13 & 1 Corinthians 10.1 thru 11.1 How to deal with food offered to idols

Problem Six - 1 Corinthians 9.1-27 Rights and responsibilities to Spiritual leaders and whether they should be paid salaries?

Problem Seven - 1 Corinthians 11.2-16 Women and the length of their hair.

Problem Eight - 1 Corinthians 11.17-34 Proper attitude toward the Lord's Supper.

Problem Nine - 1 Corinthians 12.1 thru 14.40 Confusion in worship caused by various different languages spoken by the members.

Problem Ten - 1 Corinthians 15.1-58 Understand the resurrection and what happens to the believer when they die.

Conclusion - 1 Corinthians 16.1-24


REVIEW of First Corinthians 10 Problems


January -March 2015

Lesson ONE 2 PETER Chapter 1
Lesson TWO 2 PETER Chapter 2
Lesson THREE 2 PETER Chapter 3

Three Week Study
November 2014

Lesson ONE 1 PETER
Lesson TWO 1 PETER
Lesson SIX 1 PETER

Seven week Study
 Fall of 2014


These are additional notes and materials for the ten week lesson series.
The messages are on the main media page


10 Week Message Series Summer 2014

Overview outline chart for the Book of Acts Study  

Daily reading plan for Book of Acts Study


Based on the book "Too Busy NOT to Pray" by Bill Hybels this five week study and sermon series is designed to challenge the believer to SLOW DOWN TO BE WITH GOD. The five Wednesday Night study lessons will be added here each week. Designed so you can read the book, watch the messages and fill out the study guide. This series is filled with practical applications to enhance your prayer time with God.

Study guides will be added each week by the date indicated here.
May 7 Read Chapters 1, 2, 3 STUDY GUIDE ONE
May 14 Read Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7 STUDY GUIDE TWO
May 21 Read Chapters 8, 9, 10 STUDY GUIDE THREE
May 28 Read Chapters 11, 12, 13 STUDY GUIDE FOUR
June 4 Read Chapters 14, 15, 16 STUDY GUIDE FIVE
Study guide five supplement  All the Prayers of the Bible PDF


Five Part Lesson series for May and June of 2014

These are in a booklet format with the pages numbered. They can either be printed on one side and then cut to line up the pages or they can be printed two sided and folded into a booklet.

Basic Christianity - Lesson One - The Apostles Creed
Basic Christianity - Lesson Two - God the Father
Basic Christianity - Lesson Three - Jesus Christ
Basic Christianity - Lesson Four - The Holy Spirit
Basic Christianity - Lesson Five -  The Church
Basic Christianity - Lesson Six - The Saints
Basic Christianity - Lesson Seven - The Forgiveness of Sins
Basic Christianity - Lesson Eight - The Resurrection
Basic Christianity - Lesson Nine - ETERNAL LIFE



These lessons were used During March and April of 2014.

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