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Leadership Requirements
What are the requirements or standards used in the local church to determine who should or should not be serving in leadership? Pastor Highlands shares the Biblical standards and then shares how they are applied using simple language. A person has to demonstrate these if they want to be considered for leadership in the local church. 8-23-2009

What size is the right size of a church to be able to meet needs and minister with the least amount of conflict? Is it easier to pastor a small church or a large church? You may be surprised at the answer. This 20 minute lesson should help you understand the answer to these and other related questions. 8-9-2009

Manifestations of the Spirit
The Holy Spirit has a plan for each member of the church for the benefit of the church. The outline of this plan can help us understand how we fit into the ministry of the local church and the kingdom of God. This 20 minute video helps us understand the manifestations of the Spirit of God. 8-16-2009

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